Better trading conditions than the market at Exness you may not know?

Choosing a broker that is good and has optimal support conditions is a headache for traders. Understanding that, Exness has developed and created the best conditions for traders as follows:

Stop out protection

Stop out protection helps delay and sometimes completely avoid stop outs.

When your circulating capital reaches 0 and a stop out is imminent, the feature will Add a virtual sum to your liquid capital is equal to half the spread of your open trades, multiplied by the volume in lots.

For example, let’s say you buy 1 lot of XAUUSD and the market goes down. With a spread of $20 per lot, you will get $10 virtual money ($20/2*1 lot).

It means that a stop out order will only trigger when your circulating capital drops to -$10.

Even if spreads widen, it won’t trigger stop out because the wider the spread, the more cryptocurrencies you get as part of Stop Out Protection. This feature gives you more time to act in situations where your positions are at risk of stopping. You can close your trade or make a deposit, or the market may move in your favor.

Negative balance protection

You never lose more than you deposit into your account. If a stop out causes all your positions to close at a negative balance, we will restore it to 0.

For example, if a trading account with a balance of $100 has closed positions with a loss of $150, that account will have a negative balance of -$50. With Negative Balance Protection, we’ll reset your balance to zero and you won’t need to cover losses with your own money.


There are no swaps anymore. Maintain trading orders on popular instruments for as long as you want without swaps.

There are two swap-free tiers: Extended and Standard. Your swap-free status is determined according to your trading activity. To maintain your extended Swap-Free status, you need to trade mostly during the day and maintain a low number of overnight positions. Here are the tools available for each swap-free status.

Extended swap-freeNo swap charges for:

  • Metal: XAUUSD
  • Energies: USOIL, XNGUSD, UKOIL
  • All cryptocurrencies, stocks and indices*

Swaps are charged for: all other metals, minor currency pairs, exotic currency pairs.

Standard swap-free

No swaps for: digital currencies, stocks and indices*

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Zero stop level

When setting up a pending order, it is important to set the minimum distance between the desired price and the current market price. This distance is called the stop level and is necessary to successfully place pending orders, take profit and stop loss.

The narrower the stop out level, the more control you have over your trades and the more opportunities you have to take advantage of. Pending orders such as high-price/low-priced pending orders, high-price/low-selling pending orders can be placed as close to the current price as possible based on the rules below:

Pending order typeStop Out Level
Wait to buy low price-1 point below the current selling price
Waiting for high priceshigher than the current bid price of +1 points
Wait for a high pricehigher than the current selling price of +1 points
Waiting for a low salelower than the current purchase price of -1 point

As well as stop out level requirements, here are some other important rules to consider:

  • It is not possible to set up pending orders to buy high prices and wait to sell low prices in the spread because of the restrictions inherent in the trading terminal.
  • It is not possible to set a stop loss in the spread.
  • It is possible to set the take profit level within the spread.

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