Australian dollar may rise after US GDP growth

Australian dollar rises after US GDP data improves The mixed report opened the door to both hard and soft landings AUD/USD could rise if...

Aptos Blockchain Layer 1 token hits all-time high price

APT has risen sharply since the beginning of the year, but some traders expect this rally to be short-lived. Blockchain Layer 1's Aptos token, which...

Top 2 Reputable Forex Brokers Trusted by Customers

The content of the articleWhat kind of broker is a reputable FOREX broker?The concept of a reputable Forex brokerCriteria to achieve 1 reputable and...

The bottleneck makes many Vietnamese blockchain projects difficult to develop

Some startups believe that human resources are a difficult bottleneck to remove in the short term when developing blockchain in Vietnam.

Can the World Cup Gold Cup and crypto revive Argentina?

Crypto is helping Argentines cope with inflation, while research indicates that winning the World Cup would be a small incentive to boost the economy...

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