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Trade What You See
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BTC analysis week 1- September 2023

BTC fell into case 1 (In Blackmantrader's Week 3-August analysis). Currently, BTC has closed the Month Engulfing candlestick markedly bearish in line with the...

Gold Analysis Week 1- September 2023

In August, Gold fell deeply to 1885, after several tests of this price zone, Gold made a bottom here and bounced back sharply to...

Gold Analysis Week 5 – August 2023:

Last Friday, Gold after the news at 21:05 had 1 increase to 1922 (Around the Supply Zone) immediately after that reversed sharply to 1903....

Instructions for registering for FTMO fund exam and 1 number of regulations to be funded:

The content of the article1. What does FTMO mean? 2. The process of becoming an FTMO trader:3. Instructions for registering for FTMO fund...

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The dollar extends the pressure range, stocks rise bulls

Market Outlook : S&P 500 Eminis falls below 3,900; USDJPY rises above 132.00 The Q4 GDP update in the last session beat expectations,...

Australian dollar may rise after US GDP growth

Australian dollar rises after US GDP data improves The mixed report opened the door to both hard and soft landings AUD/USD could rise if...

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Aptos Blockchain Layer 1 token hits all-time high price

APT has risen sharply since the beginning of the year, but some traders expect this rally to be short-lived. Blockchain Layer 1's Aptos token, which...

Cardano network recovers quickly after node outage event

The short-term outage affecting more than 50% of networks was automatically fixed within minutes on Sunday. The developers wrote in a GitHub post that...

Bitcoin crosses $23K hook before turning around?

Bitcoin's price continued to rise over the weekend, at one point surging by more than $23,000 — the first time BTC has crossed the...

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