Gold Analysis 02/02/2023

Gold Analysis 02/02/2023:

Gold rebounded to 1920, then rose sharply on the H4 timeframe last night, closing D1 in 1953.

Gold has also officially entered the SUPPLY ZONE that Blackmantrader analyzed earlier this month. Here there will be 1 PRICE REACTION that fluctuates in a short time with a fairly large margin then decides the direction.

– From Blackmantrader’s personal view, Gold will move towards 1960-1965 after which there will be a pinbar reversal on the H1 timeframe pushing the market down. We can watch Sell at this price zone in the US session

Command reference:

– Asian session: + Buy (when there is a reversal signal): 1948.5

SL: 1944

TP: 1955

– American Session:

+ Sell watch (when there is a reversal signal): 1960 -1965 (You split the volume to spread)

SL: 1971

TP1: 1955

TP2: 1950


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