Gold Analysis 03/08/2023

Gold yesterday went as expected, after reaching the 1955 mark Gold reversed sharply in the US session to around 1935 (Friends in the “Privileged” Group bought around this region and Ho Chi Minh City). D1 closes 1 Engulfing extreme drop at 1936.

Although Gold closed markedly lower, Blackman expects today’s D1 end to reverse upwards because the 1930-1935 zone is an extremely good Demand Zone.

From the point of view, Blackman Gold in Asia and Europe (May last until the beginning of the American session) will gradually increase until 1943. Then there will be a collapse in the middle of the session about 1930-1935, where there will be a reversal signal pushing Gold up again to determine D1.

Command reference:

Sell 1942- 1943

SL 1947

TP 1936

Buy 1928- 1932 (divided into 3 small orders and the total volume is equal to 1 normal trade order of your account)

SL 1924

TP1: 1936

TP2: 1940


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