Gold Analysis 09/02/2023

– Gold had 3 consecutive days of D1 withdrawal as it approached around 1885. Unfortunately for us, we are only 1 little short of being able to execute a Sell order in 1888. D1 snored yesterday.

– Blackmantrader will still hold the view Gold will be pushed to around 1850 -1855 this week.

– Today, the beginning of Gold Day will return to 1880 1 again. Here will appear a reversal signal, pushing the market to 1872 1 again. Underneath in the last few days has created a Demand Zone around 1865, if tonight to break this zone Gold will go straight to 1850-1855

. Command reference:

Sell 1880

SL: 1885

TP1: 1873

TP2: 1865

TP3: 1856 (you see if no reversal signal appears when the market approaches 1865, keep the order until TP3)

I wish you 1 successful trading day


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