Gold Analysis 10/02/2023

  • It is very unfortunate for Gold that the Blackmantrader waited to sell the 1888 zone at the beginning of the week, but Gold has been continuously falling as it approaches around 1885 and gives a bearish signal in the lower zone causing a skewed analysis for the Blackmantrader. Yesterday, Gold pushed 1 Fake Key candlestick on the H1 timeframe to 1889, then immediately appeared 1 Engulfing fell sharply, pushing the market down deeply to 1859 (Broke through the 1865 Demand zone as Blackman analyzed yesterday).
  • The bearish signal is already evident in the D1 frame. Even at the time of Blackmantrader’s writing, Gold has also retested the Demand Zone 1865 (Now Supply Zone) – the zone that will watch our Sell today. It is quite a pity that I cannot post the judgment in time for you to open orders. Today, however, we’re going to watch the big bump we’ve been waiting for all week underneath.

Command reference:

Buy 1850- 1855 (When a reversal signal appears)
SL: 1839
TP1: 1860
TP2: 1865
TP3: 1870



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