Gold Analysis 10/08/2023

Gold fell to 1922 as expected by Blackmantrader, and the H4 timeframe closed 1 bullish Egulfing candlestick due to a market reversal that bounced in this zone. However, this reversal was only a PRICE REACTION, without any H1 candlesticks completely closing up (the “Privileged” group members avoided the collapse, but unfortunately the 1912 buy watch zone could not execute the order).

D1 Gold continues to close a strong bearish candlestick at 1916

Today we continue to follow the downtrend to watch sell. The Asian and European session at the beginning of the Golden Day will rebound around 1920. Then gradually descend to the US session pushing to around 1910-1912, where we will buy right up (no need to wait for a reversal signal).

In 1 case, if Gold falls right back to around 1910-1912 in Asia and Europe, we will buy up and hold the position until the end of the day (Cancel sell afternoon order).

Command reference:

If rising at the beginning of the day:

Sell 1920

SL 1927

TP 1913

If reduced early in the day:

Buy 1912

SL 1904

TP1: 1920

TP2: 1929


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