Gold Analysis 22/08/2023:

Gold rebounded around 1900 then H1 candlestick appeared 1 Engulfing candlestick fell sharply as Blackman expected (Unfortunately we lack 15 pips for order execution).

D1 also drew his beard when touching the 1900 region. However, this is only 1 candlestick to Test 2 upper and lower resistance zones at the beginning of the week (1885 and 1900), not completely tilted to either side.

From Blackmantrader’s point of view, today will still be the dominant sell because the big trend is now all generally bearish And the 1900 bumper is still a good one.

However, there is one thing to note that there is currently a pretty solid bumper that was tested quite a few times yesterday in the H4 and H1 timeframes but is still impenetrable – It is the price zone around 1886 -1888 => It is very likely that there will be a bounce here if the bulls press the attack (will pay attention to the reversal signal if it appears).

Command reference:

Sell 1900
SL 1910
TP1: 1891
TP2: 1886

Buy 1976 (Still watch Buy when the market falls to this zone)
S.L. 1870
TP 1884


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