How to Deposit/Withdraw Exness:

Exness is a long-standing reputable international Forex trading platform and also supports users with many fast deposit and withdrawal methods, creating maximum conditions for users to deposit easily. Today Blackmantrader will guide you on how to deposit money on Exness using 2 most popular methods: INTERNET BANKING and Wire Transfer/ ATM Card


Step 1: Access your Exness account by visiting the website. After logging in at the main page, in the left menu select “Deposit”

Step 2: Select ” Internet Banking

Step 3: Select the trading account you want to deposit in the field ” Go to account“. Then enter the amount you want to deposit => select ” Continue“.

Step 4: select “Confirm”

Step 5: Here you select the bank you use => select ” Payment

Step 6: Please enter your username and password of your Internet Banking bank account. After that, there will be a confirmation code and OTP of the bank on your phone, you enter to complete the deposit process.


Step 1: First go to the MY ACCOUNTS page then select the MT4/MT5 account you want to deposit next select DEPOSIT

Step 2: In the deposit section, select BANK TRANSFER/ ATM CARD method

Step 3: Enter the amount you want to deposit (here Blackmantrader for example 10.000.000vnd) then select CONTINUE

Step 4: Check that your MT4/ MT5 account number and amount are correct then click CONFIRM

Step 5: Select any bank you want to transfer to (either the one you are using or another if there is none)

Step 6: Check the information AMOUNT, ACCOUNT NUMBER, NAME, CONTENT after copying or scanning the QR code

Step 7: After the transfer is successful and the system has confirmed, the amount will be credited to your MT4/MT5 account. You can take a snapshot at the transfer information so that you can appeal when something goes wrong

Blackmantrader hopes this article will help you. We wish you successful trades!


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