How to use MT4 on your phone to trade

How to use MT4 on your phone to trade:

Step 1: Select “Price” in the lower left corner of the screen to trade currency pairs, gold, oil, BTC, etc. v that you want. If there are no pairs you want to trade here, you can add them by: * Click on the “+” sign in the upper right corner of the screen.

* In the search box write the pair you want to add, for example Gold symbol is: XAUUSD. Then click on the blue “+” sign => go back to the “Price” section we will see XAUUSD appear. Similarly, you can add currency pair rates: eurusd, usdjpy or trade Coin with symbol: BTCUSD.

Step 2: You touch the pair you want to trade, there will appear options as below=> select “Trade”.

Step 3: In Item “0.01” that is the trading volume you want when you open the converted order called LOT. * Item: “cat lo”, when you want to automatically cut orders when the market goes in the wrong direction of analysis, you can install * Item: “take profit”, when you want to automatically close orders when the market goes in the right direction to analyze to what price is enough for your profit, you can set it.

Item: * “Sell by market” : select when predicting a falling market. * “Buy Buy Market”: Select when predicting a bullish market. Here Blackmantrader will select “Buy” with a trade volume of 0.01 lot.

After selecting Mt4, you will switch to the “Trade” section in the bottom center. You will see the BTC order you just entered, when you want to close this order, you need to immediately press the order you want to close, the message panel will appear => select “Dong”

Step 4: select ” Close with loss…

Step 4: Select the “Past Data” section at the bottom of the screen, you will see the trade order you have just completed. So end 1 trading order.


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