Should I play Coin Lottery or not???

Lottery coin means junk coin, low capitalization can Pumb strengthen in a short time and then strong dump never come back again and your account split 5 by 10 is normal.

Newbies, especially those who are less than 100 million, love to play Lottery Coins.

=>Reason: The feeling of x2 x3, x10 even X50, X100 extremely fast in a short time is very exciting.

Should newbies play lottery coins or not?


The reason: if on the first day you spend 10 million to buy Lottery Coins, x10 to X100 will make you very excited, thinking that the market is too easy to eat and get rich quickly. Then you start pushing capital in, hunting for junk coins on forums, Group people Shill coins without learning anything about it.

Result: After 1 period of investment, there is no more knowledge besides playing chance and potentially high risk causing big losses.

  • Particularly for those with large capital of $ 20 000 or more, of course you should not play Lottery Coin if you do not want the account to split 5, 10 in a short time. Unless you’re too rich to take a chance, it’s OK

But you can still deduct a small part of 5%, 10% of the total investment to buy 1 Coin to earn luck.

However, always remember that you are an INVESTOR , not a GAMBLER!


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