To see if STOPLOSS is harmful to traders, Blackmantrader would like to introduce to you some perspectives so that we can see some perspectives from SP:

  • If when you Trade not SL and average 1 day you give much is 10% TP 1 day. But when the market goes against the trend, you will have a shorter profit-taking mentality when the market goes back to the right city, normally it is always below 5%, even if the market rises to 20 or 30%.
    • But if the market goes in the opposite direction, you will either cut huge losses (> 50% of the account) or burn out completely if not SL. You can’t be lucky forever in here and always bet all your accounts in exchange for 5, 10% once.

>= In the long run, there are always losses, only virtual profits in a certain short-term time.

When you trade with SL, your account is always protected according to the level you have set up before opening orders (Calculating the risk loss when biting SL is only 5% of the account, safer than 2%). At that time, even if the market goes wrong, your account will not lose much and the psychology is still comfortable analyzing the market in the next orders.

The market cannot be 100% sure, so STOPLOSS is always a safety lock to protect us when we want to go long here.

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